Future plans
Multifunctional Centre
At this moment, we are in concert with the municipality to create a Multifunctional Center in Karatara. We want to create a safe haven for the young people. The need amongst young people is great, amongst others because of alcohol and drugs, poor school performance and teenage pregnancy. They are in need for a place where they can meet each other and where they can relax and recreate. There will be space for a good conversation and prayer.
One of our other desires is to build a campsite to be able to organise camps for children and young people. By organising this camps, we want to be able to keep children repeatedly out of their often negative home situation. Trough celebrating a positive weekend or week with them in a good atmosphere, we want to transfer valuable knowledge to them in a positive manner. The creation of a campsite is an essential step in achieving our objectives.
Expand the team
We see a lot of chances to change lives in the area we work in. Therefore, it is our wish to expand our team, to be able to make even more impact in the area. With a bigger team, we can reach more schools and consequently more children. Also, we are able to visit the villages where we work in more often, to build even stronger relationships. We prefer to work together with volunteers from the area. They are able to level with the children and young people and have an insider view on the culture. But, if God provides people from abroad to work with us, we are very willing to have them.