Informal interaction
On Thursday, we travel through Karatara by bike, to get in contact with the kids and their parents in an informal way. This is important to us, since it is an important mean to build a relationship. It is important to us to develop a deep trust with the children and their parents, since that is necessary to be able to bring a change. We canít change a community on our own, we will definitely have to do this together with the community.
We are available for the children of the Karatara primary school during their first break on Monday. They can join us to have a chat, coaching or prayer.
One of the functions of our van is the transport of children and young people. 90 minutes before an event starts, Theo starts to drive through the three residential areas of Karatara, while playing music. If the children hear the music, they come out of their homes, jump into the van and join the group. While singing, they are transported to the event. The van is also used for transport to the youth program of The Rock Church.
Future plans
Our vision is to establish a Multifunctional Center in Karatara. When that has happened, we can have even more time for informal interaction and prayer, besides the regular activities.