Kids Events
Kings Kids Events
Kings Kids Events is the name of the events that we organise on a regular base on Wednesday and Saturday. The events are meant for children of the primary schools. By means of singing, drama, stories, sports and games, we teach children Life Skills in an enthusiastic, attractive way. The name Kings Kids originates in 1 John 3:1, which states that God calls us His kids. Since God is our King, we are the Kingís Kids. We utilise this knowledge to convince children that they are valuable. This is something they just donít learn at home, in general. Just like other activities, the goal of this activity is to coach the children to a hopeful future.
Holiday Kings Kids Events
Like the name says, the Holiday Kings Kids Events are held in the holidays. Depending on the duration of the holiday, they last three to five days in a row. All events have an specific theme. The activities during a Holiday Kids Event are more comprehensive than during a regular Kids Event. Additionally, the kids get a warm meal. During school weeks, the kids get a meal in school. During holidayís, some kids just donít get nutritious food. In collaboration with volunteers from YfC, inhabitants of Knysna and Karatara and even people from Cape Town, we were able to serve over 100 children a day in 2014.