Team of Good News ZA
Theo en Jinke de Jong
At this moment, the team of Good News ZA consists of Theo and Jinke de Jong. Born and raised in The Netherlands, they founded Good News ZA in January 2014. In December 2011, they left The Netherlands and settled in Knysna, together with their two sons Dooitze and Ruben. Theo gave up his job as manager of a supermarket, to be able to serve the inhabitants of the locations of Knysna. You can read their testimony here.

As an organisation, we are very willing to collaborate with other organisations. At this moment, we are assisted by Youth For Christ Knysna during the activities we organise. Employees and volunteers assist us with the Kids Events and the holiday programs. The employees and volunteers of YfC are from South Africa, Germany, England and Ireland. During the Kids Events, we are also assisted by Christian students from TSiBA college in Karatara. For big events like the Holyday Kings Kids Club, we are also assisted by churches from the area, and even by people from Cape Town who feel related to Karatara.


Who we are: